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Tom Vergos, Crafting Excellence

Welcome to Ontario Contractors Plus, where quality craftsmanship meets a decade of expertise. At the helm is Tom Vergos, a seasoned professional with over 12 years of dedicated service in the renovation and restoration domain.
At the helm is Tom Vergos, a seasoned professional with over 12 years of dedicated service in the renovation and restoration domain.
Tom Vergos, owner and operator at Ontario Contractors Plus

Tom Vergos

A Journey of Skills and Passion

Tom’s journey began in the vibrant world of painting, eventually expanding to encompass a diverse skill set. From mastering the intricacies of drywalling, trim work, and tiling to conquering the challenges of shingle/flat roofing and siding, Tom’s hands-on experience is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

From Bars to Builds: A Shift in Focus

Originally rooted in the bar and restaurant business, Tom made a deliberate choice to transition into the construction industry. This decision was driven by a desire to step away from the fast-paced hospitality world and prioritize family life. Today, Tom is happily married with two boys, and his commitment to family values permeates the ethos of Ontario Contractors Plus.

Tom Vergos and Ontario Contractors Plus: A Legacy of Trust

For over a decade, Tom Vergos has led Ontario Contractors Plus, leaving an indelible mark on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The company’s foundation is built on passion, a keen understanding of client needs, and a commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Us?

Because of Tom Vergos' Customer-Centric Philosophy

Tom is not just a contractor; he’s a partner in your renovation journey. At Ontario Contractors Plus, our business thrives on honesty, exceptional customer service, and top-tier workmanship. Tom personally ensures that every client receives the attention they deserve, taking the time to address questions and offer candid suggestions.
Building Success with Integrity

Established in 2010, Ontario Contractors Plus swiftly rose to prominence in Durham Region and the GTA. Our success is attributed to a steadfast commitment to meeting industry demands, innovative problem-solving, and delivering cost-effective, superior-quality work. We pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of both our clients and insurance partners.

Competitive Pricing

Experience the Ontario Contractors Plus difference—where passion meets proficiency, and every project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence at competitive pricing.


What Our Clients Say

My wife and I had been living in the same bungalow for about 30 years and had recently retired. Our house had undergone only a few minor renovations over the years, and we knew that a great deal of work was required to continue living there in our retirement. We love our neighbourhood and wanted to stay, but the thought of arranging and living through all the renovations that would be required had us thinking that we would have to sell and start over somewhere less desirable.

As it turns out, we had filed a small water damage claim in our upstairs bathroom, and the insurance company appointed Tom of Ontario Contractors to arrange for the drywall and painting of our ceiling. I began talking with Tom and went over our wishlist for renovations. I asked if he also acted as a contractor for non-insurance clients, and he confirmed that he does. He suggested giving him a call if we were interested. My wife and I had both worked in insurance and knew that if Tom was being used as a hired contractor for insurance companies, he would have been properly vetted, so we felt confident moving forward with him.

Our first phase of renovations began with a total redo of our basement (floors, drywalled ceiling with pot lights, and new windows), including a complete renovation of the bathroom. Additionally, we waterproofed our foundation, the length of the house along our driveway, and subsequently paved the driveway. Plus, new front steps and landing and having the aluminum-sided house and garage painted.

To begin with, Tom made suggestions on colour and materials for the basement and bathroom. He listened when we outlined our budget and needs, and his experience and suggestions were right on point.

The first phase was completed in a few months, and we were so pleased that we decided to have the upstairs done as well, which included a complete new kitchen and bathroom, plus floors and painting of each room and pot lights in the living room. An especially nice feature was the addition of French doors, which replaced our previous sliding doors from the dining room to the sunroom. Again, Tom helped us with the design and materials for the new kitchen and bathroom.

This phase was completed on time, and the end result is that we now have an almost completely new house.

Tom was always prompt in responding to any text we sent and provided estimates in advance that were in line with the budget we had indicated. He always had a positive, friendly attitude towards any of our concerns.

Clearly, the diversity and complexity of the job were far more than I could have ever done on my own, and we are very grateful to Tom. We can now live in retirement in the neighbourhood we prefer, and when we decide to sell, we are confident that this will go smoothly, and we will obtain top dollar.

I would recommend Tom of Ontario Contractors to any friend for their renovations.

Karen and Ken

Home Owners

Construction is not just about building structures; it's about creating lasting impressions and transforming dreams into reality.

– Johnathan Turner